VInterp To - Strange Behaviour / HELP

Hi There:)

I am trying to recreate the surveillance cam from the office example and enhance it.
Sadly, for some reason I just cant make sense of, the vinterp function doesnt behave like in the office example.

The camera tracks my player, but every time the player is right underneath it, it tourns around 180 degrees (Yaw)

I added a simplified BP and some pictures below so you can see what I mean.

Maybe its because in my BP compared to the Office BP, pitch is yaw and yaw is pitch… but I have no Idea why that is. I have compared them and checked everything I could think of.

Please help. Would be awesome =))

Have you tried using RInterpTo instead?


Thanks for the answer:)
I just tried it. Sadly, same result…

Is there any way I could make it use yaw instead of pitch for the left<->right rotation? Dont know if it makes sense, but this is how it works in the Office example…
Or maybe the ‘current’ and ‘target’ inputs are wrong somehow…