Vinterp not working


I am using vinterp to move my player character from point a to b, but the problem is that vinterp is not working here.
The player character teleports to a fraction of the “b” location.

When i set the interp speed to 100 my character teleports fully to the b location.

This is how I made it:

Sounds like your only firing the setactorlocation only once, if that’s the case you’ll have to use tick or a timeline to update it till it’s finished

if its for fast lane switching you might want to try ‘Vinterp to Constant’ and always tick the set actor location. but to answer you’re last question, take the EVENT TICK to a BRANCH take the false of the branch to SET ACTOR LOCATION and to switch the branch use EAQUAL(VECTOR) to check the current and target vectors

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Thank you ones again ,

I have added a timeline to the setactorlocation and that indeed worked, but I kinda half done it.
The way I did it is:

  1. Add new timeline
  2. Add float track
  3. put the length to 0.10
  4. Added a key’s to the positions 0-0 and 1-1

How to I add a tick or a timeline that stops when I reached my target position?(from a button input of course)

Hey , I’m just cleaning up a project and made a way to interp to efficiently and thought this is exactly what you need. This is a test example

Press ‘T’ to start the timer, this will execute the ‘set Location’ every .03 seconds until ‘location’ = ‘Target’

Hey ,

That solved that problem perfectly!

But I got one little bug in my character controller. (after that my lane controller is done).
When my character turns 90 degrees, I center my character to a given location (to center to the middle lane)
And my character does rotate and move to the wanted location, but my character seems to stop(sometimes) after relocation. after ±0.5 seconds my character starts moving again.(or just stays there)

If I remove the set actor location, my character will continue to move.
And vinterp is also not causing the problem it is purely the set actor location.

What can cause this “stopping”?

Hi , difficult to say would need to see you’re blueprints to see how you are moving your character and what is happening

This is how I move my character:

And this is where I get the “landing point” location from:

Hi if you’re using a time line it will continue to update setactorlocation until the time line has completed. For a quick fix use the ‘play from start’ input and the ‘stop’ input when location is achieved. But you don’t need the time line if you are using tick. Email me if you want to look at some alternative ways