Vincent | Jump and Walk Game

I would like to showcase my work-in-progress “Jump and Walk” game Vincent! Its a story driven visual novel. Just watch the trailer:

You can also watch the virtual devlog :wink:

Or check the game on steam!

Steam Wishlist

Some more images:


Hi there @PaintedBobcat,

Welcome to the Unreal Engine forums! So nice to see a new face around here :slight_smile:

Gosh, the still images alone are just gorgeous. The childs drawing, however, is just precious. The little uncapitalized “d” - adorable. Brilliant job on this - how long have you been developing it?

Hi! Tx for having a look at my game! Im working for about 4-5 month on the game. Its my first real project with the unreal engine so everything takes a little longer :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, well congrats on your first project! So exciting :smiley: It’s turned out beautifully. Thanks for taking the time to share :slight_smile:

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