Villusion Studios Interactive Retail Demo

Hey there, Unreal Community! We are Villusion Studios.

We wanted to introduce ourselves and also get some feedback on a demo that we are currently developing. We are a brand new studio, focusing on using real-time technology solutions for design, prototyping, and marketing. Our backgrounds include games, product design, and film. We just launched last week, and we’ve been putting together a demo of an interactive retail store. We are currently at version 1 of the demo, with more features to be included later, such as full Oculus Rift support (right now we are in the testing phase), Leap Motion integration, and multi-platform development. We would love to get some feedback on our visuals, as well as pick the brains of so much talent here on the . This is our first foray into Unreal Engine (other than light testing), so we are learning a ton as we go along. Please feel free to visit our website, and we’ll be posting a lot of our progress here and on our blog. We will also be branching out into other interactive media very soon, mostly using Unreal Engine 4. Let us know what you think! (This is a WIP, so there are still incomplete features, materials, etc.) There will be videos posted soon, and eventually, our demo for download.

Expected an actual ‘demo’ given the thread title. With no demo as advertised this becomes nothing more than marketing hype. Is that what these are here for? For external companies to **** their wares? /advertising /movingon

They have posted some screenshots of their project and it is stated that this is still an unfinished work and more WIP shots and videos will be provided in the future, so there is nothing wrong with this thread.

Well, it is in the WIP forum I guess? Oh well… precedent set then for other companies… so be it.

Sorry for the confusion in the title, Godling. That was my mistake. I did mention at the end of the post that we would eventually have a downloadable version. We’d love to hear if you have any thoughts on the images, though (there’s more posted at the website.) Thanks!

I over-reacted to be sure. Call it symptomatic of all the news headlines that lure us in with false promises. Soon as I realized this had been posted to the WIP forum I felt heelish for sure. /crawlsbackundernearestrenderedactor

Some new images from our blog:

The basketballs and hoop are interactive in this demo. You can pick them up off the rack and shoot them:

Here you can see the front of the store, where we are still working on a lot of materials and lighting:

This is the interior, still WIP lighting and materials:

More to come!

Nice touch with the basketballs! You should increase the SSR quality though, unless you are keeping it low for VR performance reasons.

So can we try it (and where) or not yet?

We are trying to get this demo out very soon. We want to make sure that it’s optimized before letting it out in the wild, but stay tuned and we will post the link as soon as we have it!

Thanks, looking forward to try it out. All retail stores should do the same. Great idea and work :smiley:

Here’s a couple of images and a new video showing some recent progress:

The new waterfall:

Here’s how we layered the normal maps to get the effect (just for the water)

Here’s a walkthrough that put together. It’s still WIP, but we would love any suggestions that you may have! Thanks!

No progress :frowning: ?

Sorry for the delay! We had to derail for a bit to do some consulting with a different client, but we’re back now. Here’s some progress: Download the demo! We’ve released our retail demo for public consumption. Feel free to download it and test it out. There are some disclaimers, though:

-It’s our first test bed - Not everything works perfectly. Frame rate can drop in some places, light maps may be a tad off, but overall, we are really pleased with it.

-You can use an Oculus Rift with it, but it’s not optimized, so I wouldn’t try it unless you don’t mind a bit of lag. We are working on optimizing it, but depending on our work load with other clients, it may be a while :slight_smile:

Please, if there are problems that you notice, we want to know about them! Post here and we’ll answer and try to get a fix in as time allows us. We would love to hear what everyone thinks, so feel free to send critique and criticism. We always want to make it better, so we would love to hear from you. Most of all, have fun with it!

I’m really impressed with the lighting… nice work!

Looks great. Personally, I think there isn’t enough focus on the products themselves. I want to be able to see the shoes and clothing more close-up and be able to manipulate it more in 3D. Also maybe you could show the actual products compared to those in-engine so we can see how accurate they are?

I think VR gives us the ability to think of retail in whole new ways rather than just re-creating the reality of it. So it would be nice to see some more creative ideas and things that can only be achieved in this new medium. E.g. Why have static mannequins when you could have real animated/posable characters instead?

Thanks for the feedback, integration. I agree with everything you said about focusing on the products and see them more in a real manner. The purpose of this test was to see if we could create a retail environment that would look like what can be done in reality. It’s mainly for planning purposes - where do we want that shoe wall? What lighting do we want on the mannequins? What lighting do we want to highlight that area with? What if we put an interactive monitor on the wall there. Those kinds of questions are what retail designers are asking. But I think that your thoughts are exactly what we are doing for clients. Not only giving them what they can have now, but helping them see what can be done in the future. However, when designing a retail environment, you have to consider what can actually be done in real life (and in the time/budget that they allow). That’s why we don’t have animated mannequins (unless they want to start creating robot mannequins in the stores :wink: ) Great thoughts, though. I appreciate the awesome feedback. Thanks!