Villa NK (Real-time Architectural Visualization)

The third and fourth phase, in a schedule meant to show contemporary methods of Architectural Visualization, using a unique building prototype. The next phase would involve mobile development. Hope to get better.

Villa NK ( Real-time Architectural Visualization )
Created by Okolie Uchechukwu
Software: Revit Architecture + 3ds Max + Photoshop + Unreal 4.10.2

Download Link: Dropbox - - Simplify your life


Man your work its amazing! I love it!

I have a big question and maybe you know the answer.
I am wondering, once you create a scene and you have everything ready.
and you want to show this to a client. (for interactive visualization)

how do you do it?
do you upload a scene to a server? and then you sent a link to the client?
sorry if this is a silly question.
I am just starting to learn.

would you point me out in the right direction? please
give me some tips or what are the key words to do my research?

thanks so much.

Nice application and concept man!

Only little nitpick for me is that the lighting isn’t very realistic. Have you baked the scene with all those artifical lights or the lights are just set to movable? I don’t see much G.I but other than that impressive demo!
@ciscolara, usually you send your client a download link and he needs a good pc to run the app. Streaming from a server is possible but it’s not perfect yet. I’ve done it with but it’s still in beta phase iirc! The advantage of streaming is that your client doesn’t need a super good pc, he could run it on a tablet if he wanted to, as long as the internet connection is very good and fast of course.

This is my first project with unreal or anything programming, unreal has the ability to package to HTML5. i think creating your project for that platform would allow you to upload to a server or website easily.

Most of the meshes are dynamic (the meshes change but not movable), i couldn’t use static lighting or cast static shadows. I used only stationary lights, only the directional light ad shadows. The downloadable zip file of the app is about 370mb

I guess, i was wary of file size. This is my first ue4 project, hopefully my next one would have better rendering quality.

Thanks so much HEARTLESSPHIL.
I have been wanting to learn since so long but I just didnt have the time.
What do you mean by still beta phase? not perfect?
you did a video game? or architectural visualization?

I am guessing that it would be simpler right?
thanks again so much for you comments take care and have a great day!

Wow! yes I remember now that you mention. I did see or read about this.
so I can package the whole project and then paste code and ready?
thats amazing!
do you have more details about this. where could I research about it?
thanks Cleec.
have a great day!

I know little about it, i just see it in the packaging options. Normally when i want t0 start my research, i start through Google. It usually leads me to the right Unreal Documentations, Forums, Answer Hub pages, Youtube videos and other useful resources. I would soon join you in the research though but i have to finish what i am working on currently working on.


You are all invited to a testing programme for an unreleased version of the Villa NK app. Preferably for android devices with an operating system 5.0 and above. Please send feedback to me.
Search for Villa NK in the Google Play store
Direct APK download link: Dropbox - Villa_NK-Android-Shipping-armv7-es2.apk - Simplify your life


Thanks so much cleec. Just wondering where are you from?
if I found out the info I will let you know. take care and good luck with the villa project. I thinks its amazing.