Viking scene

Hello people!

Me and my friend are going to create a scene / demo for the Unreal Store. We will work on this in the upcoming 2,5 months for our school project. We are now wondering if you guys could take a moment of your time and answer some of our question regarding what you guys would like to find in this scene.
Follow this link

Website is in progress and will be posted in this thread later if you would like to follow our progress :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!


Hello again!
We have a website up and running, but still uinder construction! You can follow us on our blog at:

Please leave comments if there are something you want to know, if you have some suggestions or maybe if there is something you would like to have in the scene.

Have a good one!


Good idea, i answered to your survey :wink:

Feel free to post here some shoots of your work, you know the thing “No screenies, no people”
Keep up !