Viewports completly empty

Hey guys so, basically after cloning my project in 4.23 everything looked like this in the copied version. i got a hearthattack and closed it without saving and tried opening the original which is exactly the same.
Everything is invisible except for the skybox, i can hear the vehicle im spawning in driving and can see the speed, it appears to be there and working. other thing is tho in the mesh preview thingy its also just grey. when using the top view i can see it, but ingame or regular perspective camera doesnt show anything.
Ive also tried to select an actor and press F to focus on that actor but nothing happens. I also cant see any arrows (to move the actor around)

A Quick Summary:
After cloning my project. Everything in every view port became invisible.
Its basically like i placed every camera a lightyear away from every object.
Doesnt happen on vanilla Meshes tho, i can view them.
I also tried deleting the car i made but nothing works. Loaded different levels nothing…

Even when creating a new level. when i try to just drag in on cube it doesnt show anything. the cube is there seeing the the prop list thingy but i cant see anything

also i tried resetting all editor preferences, and when i open a project with 4.20 everything works fine

Found it…
Project Settings->All Settings-> Search for “Near Clip Plane”

dont use negative values lol. not even 0