Viewport turns blue or flicker

Hi guys,
I am trying to create a video from a 3D scan I have imported in Unreal engine 5 but when I start rendering the frames (in jpeg) the viewport (which shows the selected camera) turns blue and flickers between the normal color and this blue tint. Sometimes also I get some weird artifacts on the right side of the screen. I tried to disable antialiasing but this doesn’t fix the problem. I also tried 3-4 different Nvidia drivers but I still get the same problem. My GPU is the Nvidia RTX 3090 and the cpu is the AMD ryzen 5950x. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I also have this problem - RTX 3090 / Ryzen 5900X. Did you get a fix?

Same issue for me with RTX 3090.
I fixed it by changing Bloom method from “Convolution” to “Standard”

  1. Select PostProcessVolume object from your scene
  2. Navigate to LENS → Bloom → Method
  3. Change it to “Standard”
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I have the same problem with a a RTX 3090 and a i7 5960x so probably a Nvidia issue.