Viewport resolution output not matching with settings

Hi all, i hope that this is the right section to post in,
i’m trying to output my viewport using “Capture Active Scene Viewport” in BP with a Media Capture as shown by BlackMagic IO tutorial; everything works fine in 720p, but when i try to set the output in 1080p this error message shows up
"Error: can not start the capture. The Render Target size doesn’t match with the required size.* SceneViewport 1920,1078 MediaOutput 1920,1080**"*

My viewport in the “Editor Preferences” is set to 1920x1080 why i’m experimenting this 2pixels loss?
After multiple experiments i notice that the viewport resolution may vary, sometimes goes to 1910x1048 and other non standard resolutions… how can i fix this?

I am stucked with this thing in a Virtual Production enviroment by three days =(