Viewport Panning Tool or GUI Button

Is there a tool or GUI button to do viewport panning in Unreal Engine 5?

We can pan the viewport with middle-mouse button, but a tool or GUI button will be required if the middle-mouse button is broken. 3ds Max has it.

If it is not available by default in Unreal Engine 5, is there a way or plugin to have it?

Hey @gotanidea

if you have activated the viewport controls (e.g. pressing right mouse button inside the viewport instead of middle mouse button) you can use A D for left / right and Q E for up / down.

Or you could create an EditorUtilityWidget:


with these Events:

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Thanks! I wish there was a way to customize the viewport panning as in Blender and 3ds Max, but the ā€˜A D Q Eā€™ keys are also good to use when the middle-mouse button is broken

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