Viewport manipulation skeleton.

I wonder if there a way to get realtime feedback of skeleton rotation inside the viewport without launching the game. Maybe trhough “live” connection like what we have with Motion capture.


I’m doing that using IKinema Orion, since it works using an external software in order to send mocap data inside UE4, and you don’t need to hit play to see the animated skeleton.

I’m also using a plugin ( Vive Mocap Kit ), that pretty much does the same thing, but because it works within UE4, unless you hit play you won’t have any realtime feedback.

Do you need the data for something specific?

Thanks for your answer, that what i was thinking somehow. I don’t really need the data. I just want to orient let’s say the head of the character directly inside the Animblueprint without the need to hit “play” . I can set variable to do that just it only update will playing. It’s just a back and forth i would love to avoid. If it’s clear enough.