viewport-like camera control?

hey, I want to make a product configurator, and I was using the unreal studio template, but the camera controls are too incremented, with inertia, acceleration, etc. and navigation is too complex for me to edit, so I wanted to start from scratch to have a navigation using unaltered raw mouse input.

from a blank project, how would you make a viewport-like raw mouse input camera control? basically I’m just gonna have one object in my scene, so my navigation controls would be:
-left click and drag to orbit the product (scene starts with the orbit pivot on the product’s center of mass)
-middle click and drag to pan the camera
-mouse wheel to zoom in and out (zooms from the selected pivot)

this is the basics I want, from that I’d make extended controls such as:

-right click and drag over the product to move it over the floor (only 2 axis, not up and down)
-right click on a point in the product’s surface to redefine the orbit pivot
-middle click over the product to reset the orbit pivot to the center of mass

how should I approach this?

First make sure your Controller and/or Pawn class that has the Camera is overriding the default movement controls (I think that’s a checkbox on the controller or pawn).

Second, check out Mathew Wadstein’s tutorials on Set Input Mode because I think that shows the behavior you want where the camera orbits around the central object, although that object is a Pawn and maybe you don’t want it to be.

can’t find such thing as override default controls. and I’m aware of the set input mode.

the problem I’m having is specifically to pan. since I have a camera on a pawn, orbiting and zooming are working as it should, however I have panning movement, which doesn’t happen often in games, so I think it works as if the pawn was flying in the world, but only on screen axis, not forward, and so the camera is subjected to inertia and that kind of ■■■■.

any way to disable this?