Viewport is black in perspective mode


I am trying out the tutorial from Learning C by creating games from UE4. I have an actor in my level. The actor is showing up in the minimap in perspective mode. But the main viewport is still blank.

In edit mode when the game is not running:

This is when the game is running:

The top, left and right views shows the object in the correct place:

Not sure whats going on. There is no default pawn class set.

It’s probably because the grid is too dark so it makes so little contrast that you can’t see it. Try increasing the brightness of your monitor (through your monitor settings but also with the Nvidia panel or whatever graphic card you have).

Also try rebuilding the light or playing with directional light intensity.

Project Settings->All Settings-> Search for “Near Clip Plane”

dont use negative values lol. not even 0

This was my problem. Interesting that 0 did it, but I set it to 0.1 instead. Fixed it in standalone but had to restart the editor for changes to take effect in PIE.