Viewport in UE5 flickering and has weird green lights

Hello, sometimes in Unreal Engine 5 viewport flashes / flickers and I also get these weird lights in the edge. Also sometimes its flickering and becomes blue. Do you know any way to solve this? Is perhaps my gpu not compatible or smth? I have a Radeon RX 580 and a ryzen 5 1600 cpu. Thanks for your time!

Blue screen:

Weird lights on the right side:

Are u using a postprocess volume with “convolution” as the Bloom Type?
On my side, convolution does the exact Same thing… (Running on a NV/rtx2080super)

But when I capture/render my shots in full hd or 4k its gone… Only Happens in the viewport, especially when I change the size of the other menus so the viewport gets bigger or smaller… My workaround is to deactivate the convolution bloom via post process during active work in the viewport…

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That solved! It indeed went away when I disabled it! Thanks so much!!!

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You’re welcome :sunglasses:
I guess this has Something to do with the Early access stage of UE5… Luckily … It seems to be nothing hardware related… I was shocked at first, too… “Buying a new GPU? now!!! Ok then… I go ahead and trade in my car” :grimacing:🤷