Viewport in Editor shows corrupted image

I am using the UE Promoted branch from Github.
I am running Fedora 23 with latest nightly mesa 11 libraries.
My graphics card is a AMD Radeon HD6870, with latest OSS drivers.

After building, when launching the editor, the system goes ahead and compiles about 3000 shaders in GLSL_150 format. This appears to work correctly.

When opening the editor, it shows the following:

As you can see it shows the editor correctly and the widgets in the viewport display correctly, but the 3D objects do not render.

I tried starting with -opengl4 to force it into OpenGL 4 mode, but unfortunately that mode tries to create a gl 4.3 context, and the Radeon HD6870 with the mesa drivers are capable of only gl 4.0/4.1.

Edit Engine/Shaders/Common.usf and add this somewhere at the beginning of the file

	#define noperspective

This is a hack, but it should unblock you.