Viewport Grid Is Shifted Away From Selected Object

New to UE 5 development. Trying out VR tutorials.
The viewport as seen in screenshots seems to be shifted away from the object I select.
Any advice on how I can fix this? It doesn’t seem like setting I accidentally turned on.

When I first opened a project the grid and the transform would flicker between the expected and shifted look captured in the screen shots. I turned off real time updates on the viewport which stopped the flickering. However as I move around the scene the snap effect still occurs.

It’s not quite clear what you mean. When you say ‘shifted viewport’, are you referring to this?

In which case, it’s just that you’ve accidentally moved an object in the scene.

Or the fact that the selected object

is not in the middle of the viewport. If that’s the case, just press F after selecting.

Hey @ClockworkOcean, thanks for taking the time to reply.
I appreciate your help :smiley:

Here are 2 new screens I captured this morning when I first opened my project.

TLDR: I want my viewport to always look like the first and not flicker between the 2 screenshots below.

This is what I expect the gird to look like in the viewport

But it flickers to this

Maybe shifted was the wrong terminology. But I was focusing on the grid displaying on the left side of the screen and the right side was white.

Perhaps its better to say it looks like the grid is “tilting”. In the second screen shot the outline and grid appear to be slanted \ when compared to the first screen shot.

It looks like it’s been moved. Ok, you’re saying it’s actively moving between the two?

Then it’s probably GPU drivers.

Two routes you can take in that case:

  1. Update to latest

  2. Downgrade to the ‘studio’ version.

Something doesn’t quite make sense, but if there’s flickering, then drivers is a good first call.

Darn was afraid it was the GPU.
I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 so its getting a bit dated
Driver 512.151

I reinstalled the drivers but I guess I’d need to upgrade.
Is there one you’d recommend?

It may not be at all. Could be many things. Don’t buy a GPU on my account.

Can you do a short vid of it happening?

Did you try downgrading?

Sure thing. Here’s a short vid after opening a new vr template.

I’ll give UE4 a shot

Notice how the selected actor is switching from the wall, to the collision box ( or whatever it is ).

This is not a GPU problem, I’m pretty sure it’s your mouse, possibly… could also be a stuck key on the keyboard.

Doesn’t appear to happen in ue4, but i’ll try cleaning the keys to see if that’s the issue

If it is an engine issue, it’s a very weird one indeed :slight_smile: