Viewport glitches when anti-aliasing is TAA or TSR

Has anyone encountered this “viewport glitch” and know how to fix it?

The viewport’s Realtime option has always been enabled. Tried a fresh install of the latest UE5 version, and deleted the DDR and the Vault folder. The problem is still there.

I tried on my laptop (RTXX3070), but the bug is not there. Asked a friend to load the project on his end but he didn’t encounter the problem. My GPU is RTX3080ti, with the latest drivers. My desktop is relatively new, the same as my laptop, so I don’t quite understand why it only happens on the desktop.

It looks like a material or (probably) post processing material issue, where the final render adds some kind of offset to the visuals . I think this is the case because the selected object is outlined at a different position than the rendered character. Even though you say this problem is not present on the laptop and on your friend’s PC, it still looks like it and I can’t think of another reason.

Thanks for the reply!

I have a radial blur post-process in the CharacterBP, blend weight is set to 0.1.
The problem disappeared instantly from the viewport after I set it to 0.0. I did a test by setting the blend weight to 0.5 and the glitch reappears.

I’ll do a couple more tests. For now, I guess I can mark this issue as resolved.