Viewport Ghosting and Flickering in 5.4.1/5.4.2 Possibly Rect Lights

I’m getting a weird flickering and ghosting with my viewport. This is happening in all my maps I believe. I’ve tried turning a bunch of things on and off methodically to no avail.

Viewport Ghosting and Flickering

Resizing the viewport makes it even worse and duplicates/compounds the ghosting.

The only thing out of the ordinary I have done recently is enable the Procedural Texture plugin, messed around with the graph, and then disabled it. Never saved any textures or anything, just played around.

Here’s another screen cap of weird things that Rect Lights are doing. They almost seem like they’re behaving in screen-space if that makes sense.

Rect Lights Behaving Oddly

UPDATE: Immediately after my original post, Nvidia released new Studio Drivers, I updated them and now the problem has stopped. Will update again if it continues.

UPDATE 2: Still happening. Help!

Also having the same problem. Started right after I updated my drivers

I am also having this same problem. Anyone figure it out?

This happens when I have multiple static or movable rect lights with large or overlapping attenuation radiuses. I understand stationary lights should not overlap more than 9 times (I think), and I have 30 of these. Is the issue related to that somehow?

If I set my lights to static, the problem goes away… Which is fine if you want static lights, but they produce terrible shadows compared to static or mobile lights with ray traced shadows and they do no illuminate the scene as well (could be user error on my part).

Thanks in advance if anyone can help here.

I also had the same problem. It was recommended by a developer in a similar post to use old drivers. I’m using Studio Driver 552.22 (4/16/24) and the problem hasn’t recurred again.