viewport cycling hotkeys

I posted my question here: How to change hotkeys for viewport ? - UE4 AnswerHub and got no answer so far. I am guessing it’s not possible.

Epic devs, could you please make switching (cycling) views in a single viewport more efficient by introducing customizable hotkeys that work in the fashion I described in my post ?

Thank you.

Is this already possible or is this an impossibly difficult feature to implement?

Maybe in a future release?

I would like to congig my viewport navigation.
In my opinion the AWSD scheme from games is not the best option to edit.

Bumpy bump!

Epic, please look into it. I believe it’s trivial to add even into 4.11 release. Small feature, but goes a long way boosting productivity.

I mean, if it’s not doable, could you please say so and I will stop bugging about it :slight_smile: