Viewport Controls

Ok, I have what is probably the dumbest question of all time. And I cannot for the life of me find the answer no matter where I look.

What are the controls to move around in the viewport?

I know - dumb question. I’m aware of LMB, RMB, Arrows. But when I use these, I cannot seem to get a good grasp on positioning the camera so I can actually see what I want to see. For example, I have a directional light that functions as a star, and a simple no-material planet for the purposes of just playing around with light and shadows and such. But I cannot, for the life of me, position the camera so I can see both the light and the planet at the same time. Nor can I move around so to look at the planet from an angle that isn’t obscuring the light source.

I see people do this in videos and tutorials all over the place. Yet nobody has come out and said “These are the controls for fine movement, and here is how you move so you can view what you really want”. I don’t want to press F to center on an object, primarily because said object then takes up the whole screen and I have to drag with the mouse again to get yet another angle I don’t want to see.

How do I move around the viewport so I can see what is going on? Am I just blind and stupid?

NM - I figured it out.