View switches from Camera actor to the view you had in the editor before you press play.

I have a CameraActor pointing at my main menu background and I have it activated from the level blueprint as soon as the opening scene is done. I had this happen in the past on a but could not recreate it but I have now figured it out… this could be a bug too. If I have the perspective view open in the editor and press play it will start the game at the camera actor then within a second it will change to the view that you had in the editor before pressing play. However if I press play from inside any blueprint it works perfectly and stays on the camera view. I normally have my perspective view on one monitor and the blueprint I am working with on another monitor. If I do this the camera changes view just as I described so if the perspective view is visible on either screen when I hit play the camera view will change. If the perspective view is hidden on both screens it will work fine… This project is brand new, the camera was the first thing I added. The only two properties I changed in the details menu for the camera was I disabled the Auto Activate and Disabled the Lock to Hmd. I am on version 4.16.0-3452394. I opened another new project and it does the same thing. The photo is the way I enabled the camera in the level blueprint.