View port Flickering....

Lately i have been having some of my mesh’s on the corners of my viewport start flickering like if they are overlapping each other but they are not. they don’t flicker all the time, they only flicker rarely.
is this something i can ignore and continue with the project? or is this something that needs to be addressed?

If a surface is very close to another surface they will experience Z-fighting if you move far away enough. Surfaces can end up at the same depth.

so i have to slightly space them to fix it?

You can move them further away, but it will still eventually happen if you get far enough away from it. Depending on the situation, you can model the one in front to the back part so that there is no overlapping area.

ok… i think i understand? it’s not on my end but more of a camera angel/distance thing. i’ll probably end up covering those spots with some rock meshes or something since those spots are water areas anyway… i 'll figure it out lol…

Thanks for the help tho!

It depends on the situation, I’d have to see a screenshot of the meshes to tell what a problem or solution would be.

Have you taken a look at the log file? Probably there are lines which look suspicious…