View or item rotation. Exemple: Shadows of Mordor

Like this maybe:

Do note that you ask for one thing but demonstrate something different. In the example it’s not the object that is being rotated, it’s the camera that orbits it instead. Search for camera orbiting on YT for tutorials regarding that.

View or item rotation. Exemple: Shadows of Mordor

I have a project in which I want to realize an almost similar thing. The most important thing is the opportunity to view the object in detail. It is not necessary to select an item, just look at it as shown in the examples: [Middle-earth™: Shadow of War Minas Ithil\Minas Morgul Gondorian Artifacts - YouTube][1]

It’s even somewhat like a 360 degree product in online stores, but only in the game engine … and not a store … or even not online …

I was completely lost and have no idea how to put this into practice. Please help me.

two pictures
one video of Gondorian Artifacts