View dependent roughness

hey guys,
I just took a look at the foxengine presentation from the GDC 2103 event and i noticed a nice effect. I couldn’t find anything about it in the forum, so i thought maybe this is something interesting to get even more realism into UE4.

It starts at minute 43:30

+1 Definitely would love to see this implemented!

You could just plug a Fresnel node into the roughness slot

Isnt view view dependant roughnes included in every non metal material?

That’s exactly what Fresnel is. I think it’s metal surfaces that do this already, making them more reflective at glancing angles. Either way, pretty sure UE4 already implements this in the shaders by default.

Yep, as far as I remember from Epic dev post on forums - it is.
You could plug in additional fresnel effect, but it will break real PBR workflow

When a additional Fresnel effect is breaking the real PBR workflow, i guess it’s epics turn to implement a VP Roughness in to UE4… :slight_smile:
Ok, now for real, would be really nice to have this in UE4, since we see such amazing work from different users like all the archviz scenes etc…
Would be cool to hear epics opinion about this…

I think it actually already does that, that’s a part of the reflection

Yes , its pretty much the point of pbs.

I checked some scenes, like the scifi hallway, i even created a simple scene by myself but i can’t see or find such a visual impact on roughness like in the fox engine presentation.