View/camera transition


I have an issue with switching cameras. I have look at a bunch of other answers and solved most of my problems, but some remain.

Quick description: my character launches a ball (spawns and adds velocity to). I want to switch from a UCameraComponent attached to a spring arm on the character to a UCameraComponent on a spring arm on the freshly spawned ball. The effect being the view following the projectile.

The two isssues:

  1. The spring arm is spinning around the ball as it is rolling on the ground. I can stop that by setting the collision sphere’s: Physics - Constraints - Lock Rotation in X, Y, Z and Mode: Six DOF. What I am afraid of is that this will make the ball slide on the surface and not roll. Is there any other way to “fix” the spring arm in place, relative to the ball?

  2. Spring Arm will resize to 0 once the ball collides with the ground and starts rolling/sliding. Can I make the spring arm ignore the ground collision, if that is indeed what is happening?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: