View / Camera aligned to a target

Hi together,

I’m a beginner with Unreal 4 and I hope you can halp me. . I would like to creat an Ipad app. I have a singel object in the map (coordinates 0,0,0). I want that the is object is always in the middle of the screen. The user can only rotate the view so that he can look at the object from all sides and go closer and faraway. Nothing more.

So the question is how can I realise that? I tried it with a camera and the following Levelblueprint:

But when I play and test the level i can fly around with they keyboard and the mouse. Do i have do create a Player to manage this? Or is their maybe an easier solution.

please help… many thanks!

Here’s one way to build an orbit camera…

The starting point here is the first person template, mostly because it saves us the trouble of setting up the player inputs, but ignoring that, you can easily start from wherever, just make sure the inputs match.

The picture tells the rest of the story:

Thanks for the great work!

Maybe you (or somebody else) can help me furthermore. As I mentioned before, I want to use this for an Ipad app. Can you show me how to create touch controls. I don’t mean this litle joysticks that you get in mobile view. I would like to stear the orbit camera with swiping above the screen. So orbit with swiping and dolly/zoom with pinch. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find about creating this control setup.

Would be great if you can help!

Can you post this file ?

Hi I think its working too bad not its way beyond my pay scale. hard to understand.

I managed to get the camera swing arm to not collide that was bugging. The dolly speed you have as -400 does that mean it has been slowed down by that amount? This is working. Very rare to ever have something so complex work when trying it out. Thanks! How the heck do you ever figure stuff like this out!

How will this run in a mobile app. What needs to be done to add touch?

Thank you!

images attached just in case