View and Editor settings won't save - what am I doing wrong?

Sorry if this is in the wrong subforum. I’m new and didn’t see a better one.

In various editor windows, if I change an option, it won’t stay changed if I close and reopen it. For instance, the sprite editor - if I choose “show grid” and change it to unlit and wireframe in the viewport, none of this will stay once I close the sprite editor and reopen it. And the view options in the sprite list - for some reason the icons show up incredibly small, so I change the scale and I also switch it to list rather than tiles, but it never stays.

Any way to fix this?

Hello? Anybody out there? This is incredibly frustrating that I can’t save my viewport states and I feel pretty sure this is not intentional. I’m thinking it has something to do with user permissions in a config file somewhere. Any Unreal people out there who could chime in?