Videotutorials! Now with Alexander Paschall, ex community manager of UE4 and Epic Games :D

Edit: I’ll post the rest of tutorials here too!

Vertex Paint:

Vertex Paint Examples in Infernium:

Advanced Vertex Paint Examples:

How to release a videogame on Switch:

Hi! Today I started a new series of Tutorials regarding gamedev stuff, not only engine related. But in today’s tutorial I talk about a tool that is really underrated by everyone. For me it is the most powerfull UE4 tool to hide tiling and give variation and cool patterns to textures and geometry but it seems most people don’t know how to work with it properly! Yep, we are talking about Vertex Paint :slight_smile:

There is going to be a tutorial every Friday from now on. I already have 8 of them recorder and scheduled. Next week we will take a look at real Vertex Paint examples in my game Infernium, released a month ago for Switch, PS4 and PC.

If you have any kind of feedback, question, etc, just let me know! :smiley:

I recently started learning about the many uses of vertex color and paint and how to use them in materials. I was also very surprised at how flexible it can be… looking forward to more tutorials and how to use it :slight_smile:

Looks good! I made a similar video explaining vertex painting, but I use a very different technique. Take a look here:


Omg why have I missed this feedback!!

Yep CoquiGames! Vertex paint can be used for so many things!! I have a project in mind to make realistic cheap 3dclouds lit through vertex paint. Even that can be done!

Nice tutorial too Bevman00! I see the technique quite similar It is all about that alpha texture! :smiley:

I forgot last week but I have posted two more #FridayTutorials Vertex Paint Examples in Infernium and advanced Vertex Paint Examples in Infernium and Annie Amber

Here they are, for your enjoynment!
Next week’s tutorial is going to be an awesome one :slight_smile:

Aaaaand new one!

This one with Alexander Paschall, ex community manager of Epic Games :slight_smile:

If you are curious about how to release a videogame on Nintendo Switch, check it out!




I didn’t add the pizza border oriented game development talk!

here we go!

aaaand another one!

This one about how to release a game for the PS4 using UE4 :slight_smile: