Videos not showing in android at all (Black Screen)

OK , so I wanted to run a h.264 mp4 sample video res (1920x1080) on android (Samsung galaxy s4) , it works fine on pc , but when running it on my device it shows a black screen and I can hear the video sound and after the video ends the app closes ?? so Iam going to show you the steps I made to make the project hoping that whoever read this can figure out my mistake and help me.

The steps I did:-

  1. I created a new blank project with no starter contents and scalable for 2d and for mobile phones.

  2. I created a new empty level and then I created new folder inside the content and named it movies and put my video in it.

  3. I create a media source and browse my sample mp4 videos that is inside the Movies folder.

  1. I create a media player and test my sample video in it to test that it works fine.

  1. Also here is my media texture just in case you wanted to see it.

  1. After that I right click on the texture and create the material and since iam using it on an empty level I set the shading model to unlit and in the mobile section I unchecked light map and checked the full precision and connected the texture to the emissive color.

  1. After that I created a widget and put an image in it and replaced the brush with the video material and then did the widget graph and the level blueprint graph to get every thing ready and then tested it on the pc and it worked fine.

  1. Finally I tried to run it on android and the project ran successfully but as I said only sound and black screen and after the video finishes the app closes.

here is my output log:-

[link text][3]

Have you found a solution yet? I am having the same problem.

maybe you can try Samsung galaxy s7

The problem is the widget. Try to apply the material to a cube or a mesh and it should work on android. Here is the link to my similar question: Android media player appears black! - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums .

And I did not changed the material settings, so I don’t know whether it works with your material settings.

my media player totally not working on android
any solutions?

Have you enabled Android Media Player Plugin?

which plugin should i use?

Hey, You should simply use Android Media Player. (Plugins tab)

After 6 years later this bug is finally fixed :tada:

MP4 is old and limited technology to achieve high quality and seamless playback. HISPlayer media player enables next level of video streaming with HLS and DASH streams in Android, Oculus Quest / Quest 2 devices.

What did you do to fix it?
I’m facing same issue, even worse, I’m having this issue in a project I had working before! lol

Bro make up your mind it will tell you when you want to select mp4 file directory that you cant pckcke it because you should make an folder in (Content) name it (Movies) then but the mp4 videos in it :person_facepalming: