Videoing problems!

I need to do a video walk through of my map, showing key events after going through triggers.

The levels about 5 mins long and each time I go through I’ll bump into a door or clip a wall etc is there any way to video this out so it looks professional without the need for a rock steady hand and nerve (been through this at least 10 times now), because I’m making an absolute dogs dinner of this so far!


If you want a smooth walkthrough then you can setup a camera animation in Matinee/Sequencer and record that

Darth will that activate the various triggers throughout my game as it’s the events that these trigger that I need to record?

Additionally some of my recorded video from obs seems a bit “wobbly” could this be the data rate you set, I think this is set to 2500

It wouldn’t trigger any gameplay, it’s just a camera animation.
What do you mean by “wobbly”?
2500 should be fine for the bitrate

As the camera moves left or right in the recording there’s jerking in the recording