Videogame Newspaper Articles Group

Hi guys since over 4 years i am monitoring videogame articles in my favorite newspaper the financial times does someone read other newspapers? and would be in to overfly all top articles to collect more information out of other sources to help me?

Are using the app?

What angle are you after? What data are you after?

Surely, there must be a way to use some sort of a filter by keywords to maximise the value and minimise the time spent on sorting through topics of interest?

i am reading it as a newspaper in paperform not the app
I am interested in all angles and the topic is videogames i have a lot articles already out of the FT theres been a really big article on unreal enigine

other countrys and langugage would be intesting other than the european FT

I can write every week a detailed article describing why I hate random game if you need a critic who does crit let me know