[Video Wiki Tutorial] How to Make Customized UMG Tooltip Widgets

Dear Community,

I’ve released a new wiki in which I show you how you can easily make your own custom UMG tooltips!

I demonstrate support for both single line and multi-line tooltips.

You can use any font, any size, and even include animating images if you want to!

Wiki Link

**Direct Video Link**

I walk you through my entire setup in this video:




Thank you!
You did a great job with this short yet useful tutorial :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Meguido!

Have fun today!



Hi Rama,

Would you be able to point me in the right direction?
I want to create hover widgets that:

  • appear after a period of hovering
  • snap to the hovered widget
  • stay in the screen. Change snapping position from above to below or left/right depending on where there is more space on the screen

I did a two custom UMG classes (one for the hovered widget and one for the hovering one), but the third point on the list gives me a headache. It’s also buggy because I rely on UMG mouse events to get the hovering state and there are some cases when the hovered widget doesn’t get deleted.

Thank you very much

Hey Rama!

Thanks for the quick tutorial.
I’m actually developing for VR and this method does not seems to work for widgets that are floating around in the world, only for widgets attached to the player’s viewport.
As you can guess it’s not a good idea to start attaching widgets to the player’s screen in VR.
I’ve been trying to find a work around for hours.
Any suggestions on how this could be achieved?

Thanks in advance!