[VIDEO] Watchdogs inspired camera hack system in Blueprints

Hi everyone,

So yesterday i was playing Watch Dogs and i really liked the way we can hack camera’s on streets. So inspired from that, i decided to do something similar in UE4 using Blueprints only. I also decided to try Behavior trees and i got the AI characters to move! :smiley:

Download Project

Here is the video:


That’s pretty cool! I really like the transition effect. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jacky. That was converted from UE3 which i got from Google :). There’s also camera zoom functions but forgot to show them.

I would love to see how you did that. That’s really nice. Love the effect.

Hi! Me need know how u make Show/hide text when camera look at camera. Me need for make appear text when fps character look at interact object.

Hi guys. Thank you for your interest. I have posted the download link on first post. Please download it and I hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

That’s very impressive. Time for a fan to see if they can out do Ubisoft perhaps? :smiley:

Awesome job ryanjon2040! Finally got around to giving Watch Dogs a shot the other day and it is cool that you were able to get this working in UE4. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Gunner! :slight_smile:

Thank you Sean! Happy to hear that from you. :smiley:

That’s awesome. Love the great work!

Awesome! I wish I had the brains to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

@Fatal: You can get the project and see how i did this. Feel free to download and experiment. :slight_smile:

Just awesome fella! You continue to impress me. I’m a big Watch Dogs fan; really neat to see something alike this created in blueprints.

Thank you very much ! :smiley:

Looks super awesome. I tried to download the content but Unreal doesn’t seem to like whatever version I try to open it with, complaining about missing blueprint macros. Which engine version did you create it in?

Am sorry about that. I made a slight change to the StandardMacros that comes with the engine. I will upload it when i get back to home. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Check out rendering of occluded actors: Rendering occluded actors in UE4 | Unreal X-Editor

That’s awesome! Let me know when you get the macros updated, I’m excited to play around with it.

Asset uploaded. Please see this.

That is just beautiful

Thanks JeDeergab. Please see a new update on this project (Not related to WatchDogs): Rendering occluded actors in UE4 | Unreal X-Editor