[Video] UMG RPG UserInterface


i want to show of the UI iam creating at the moment. My goal is to create a complete RPG UI with all the big main components.

What it can do so far:

  • Full Inventory Backend based of my free Inventory System (see signature if you want to give it a shot) wich supports: Adding Items, Removeing Items, Sorting, Splitting Stacks, Merging Stacks and of course a complex Use/Activate Logic
  • Grid based Frontend (UMG)
  • Mouse interaction
  • Dragging Items around the Inventory
  • Droping stuff out of the Inventory
  • Sorting the stuff Inside
  • Dragable Window
  • Drag items to other Inventorys like Crates or maybe additional character Inventorys
  • Tooltips

The Inventory Widget can be set up very flexible(Size, Cols etc)


  • Hotbar can be also set up very freely depending on how much buttons you want (you can also add multible bars to hold your items/skills whatever)
  • Keyboard & Mouse interaction
  • Dragging stuff from your Inventory to the bar
  • Move the stuff on the hotbar to other hotbar buttons
  • Tooltips


  • Well its a healthbar… works as shown in the video.

Items & Stuff:

  • Items are very Easy to Add as you can see in my free inventory thing.
  • Every Item has its Own defined Icon, Description etc

On the List:

  • Bugfixes and Improvements =)
  • More advanced Healthbar, Stamina etc
  • Expand the Inventory with a submenu (Use, Drop, Split etc)
  • Skillbook System (maybe with leveling and stuff)
  • Equipment System
  • Stat & Level System
  • Quest & NPC Conversations
  • Vendor System

well and many other stuff i havent thought about right now :slight_smile:
Let me know what you guys think.

This thing works in booth Fullscreen and Windowmode.

(The Buildstuff is just to showcase the Use an Item stuff this is part of another project)

Really good UserInterface & love the “DayZ Epoch” structure System

Looking great!

So, not to diminish your UI, which is very cool, but that building system kind of stole the show. Very awesome work! Interested in providing a write up for the building system?

Nice, love the build system!

wouldn’t have been possible without some of your tutorials :slight_smile:

Ha! Nice :slight_smile: Nice to see it in practice.

Have to agree that the build system in the video overshadows the UI, but the UI is very impressive in and of itself -Good Stuff!

i want have this!

Thank you, well the build System is going to be submitted to the marketplace this week. Just need to do some fine tuning and comment stuff on the thing. As for the UI i dont have any date for its release as iam curently not sure if i split that up into multible things to make it more modular or if i make the whole thing one item for the marketplace.

I just did the video with the buildthing because i wanted to show of the Useable-Item aspekt of the Inventory and the Hotbar… maybe the building part was to long.

when is your structure system releasing on the marketplace. I am buying it immediately :slight_smile: