Video tutorials vs written tutorials?

Hi All,

I’ve been planning to do some tutorials, originally as videos, but I wondered if people generally have a preference for videos or more old school written tutorials with images?

I personally think I prefer written ones, and I think for explaining things like Blueprints maybe nice high res images would work better than youtube vids.
I tend to make detailed notes anyway as I prototype things, so I figures those notes could form the basis of a tutorial.

I would love to know peoples thoughts!


Do both with a completed downloadable project if possible.

Written tutorials can be very helpful if they are documented well, and take the time to explain each step.

i would say that when someone want to discover something he/she likes to be pulled by the hand, step by step and as our society is much visual than other sense, videos is the main liked tutorial way in nowadays. It seems obvious when you look at tutorials replies which are really low with non video ones.
On the other hand, i am one of this guy who as a ai stuff folder with a silentx folder in - who as a blueprint folder with shoiko’s rpg example and pattym hud/level interaction.

So if you want to do great tutorials, i would say : prepare your tutorial on a visual like pattym does and then do a video explaining step by step what is in your visual to finally show your result. (with a short video showing before start too) and with link to both, you will do great, i am sure.

Personally, I prefer video-tutorials when it is about action (mostly workflow-demonstration) and written when it is about theory (lots of looking up again).

Awesome reel, I just barely touched that field. Looking forward for those tuts. :cool:

I prefer video tutorials, if they are well designed (there’s nothing worst than looking at a full 35 minutes tutorial full of rambling which could have taken only 5 minutes).

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think a mix is the best bet myself. I think video tutorials are great as small 5-10 minute chunks, but they can be a real hassle for more involved tutorials where you need to go back and forth all the time trying to reference a single point in the video.

I think you can provide a lot more detail in a written tutorial, but as someone mentioned, they need to be clear and concise, and well illustrated.

So I’m thinking written steps to outline the process and ideas behind picking that process, and then videos to show the end result and steps along the way.

I personally like video tutorials because mostly they aren’t too long and they can also be entertaining :smiley: -> written tutorials will give you much more information, but with video tutorials you get what you want and then you can build your own knowledge around that (less information = more selflearning -> good) :slight_smile:

I prefer video tutorials but often I also read written tutorials, actually it is a matter of taste.
The best would be to do both kinds of tutorials.

My 5 cents on this is that it all depends on what you are doing a tutorial on.
Lets say you have a code tutorial makes sense to do that written, since trying to read code on a youtube tutorial is horrible.
If its Blueprints i think written go well again with a lot of high res images.
If its anything visual is best done in a video tutorial.

Then the format you are working in is never changed.

I prefer written tutorials. I can go back and forth much faster and proceed in my own speed.

In my opinion tutorials for coding should be written, blueprints should be written with pictures, and other’s should be videos.

I prefer written as long as it doesn’t involve techniques like painting by hand and such that you can’t really show in pictures, and of course anything that is supposed to be moving.

Think you’ll see a preference for either and there’ll be no pleasing all.

For my preference, don’t think video tutorials should be the main go-to but supplemental only. There are too many situations where one cannot even consume a video tutorial, but a written tutorial is useful in any situation. Rarely can I get through a video during my day job. Family, children, etc., make for watching video tutorials difficult at home. So, if I am to view a tutorial it’s often late at night, and by then my interest is somewhat reduced.

A written tutorial, now there’s something I can consume anytime even if just during a 10 minute break. One can go at whatever pace is comfortable for them. You can search it, put it down and come back later without reloading and finding your place. Reread text and make notes to look into related themes. You can see the code without worry of video resolution or streaming quality…you can translate it, copy and paste it, load it up on a tablet and carry it around offline, tag pages into note taking systems such as evernote, there is no speech or accent issues to deal with, etc., etc.

A wall-o-text could be written about this, yet clearly there are many who would have as many arguments for video tutorials. Frankly, likely due to my age and life situation, the video tutorial preference baffles me. Perhaps it’s time for me to buy a cane and spend my days shaking it at youngsters and telling them to get off my lawn.

I prefer the videos over text, because some of them talk to me like I’m 5, and makes it easy to actually understand whats going on. Text gets really boring to read after a while, and most of them really don’t explain what’s going on at all.

I would like books, much easier for me then a video of course I am 68 and I am still learning.
Good idea :slight_smile:


Video !!! (a picture worth 1000 words, but video worth 1000 pictures)

Written. Easier to browse, easier to find keywords, easier to follow as you go.

Recorded if you have everything for that said video in order…
assets etc… im trying myself and its not easy to do… and to limit your time to 40 mins or less per video
or the skip search features DIE in youtube and if you accidentally move such bar you’ll take ages to find the time you was at

If can help me break done my current melee project id make such videos too…