Video tutorials updates ?

Hello there,

UE4 have really fast updates, i was wonderig if the video tutorials got deleted and updated when new changes appears in the rendering area, the editor or blueprints ?

Me too have the same question.

As far as i saw the video-tutorials aren’t updated.
Until now tho i didn’t had much trouble understanding everything even when there are some things (like nodes in bp, etc) that are quite different in the actual version.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing up your concerns. I’ll be sure to discuss this with our documentation team who creates the videos to see about the plausibility of maintaining updates, but maybe we just need to call out what engine version a video was made for, and make clear that some things may be out of date.

Either way, you can help us though by calling out specific videos which may have fallen out of date.


awww… don’t ‘fix’ 'em. what’s the fun in that?

struggling thru most of the tutorials trying to fix or find what’s missing has been a good learning experience. :wink: lol

actually if you do searches here & in answer hub, you’ll find fixes for most of them, altho, it gets worse with each new update. most still work tho’

when going through the tutorials, I had similar thoughts, that the videos should be documented with version etc information, just thought everyone knew about it. A good course of action, would have been to mark them at creation, with date created (not always the same as when it was posted), version used, etc. and then later they can simply be updated with fixes (in the comments with links or quick fixes) as issues come up that prevent their use.

as frustrating as it was, struggling thru them, not sure if it was something that I had done myself or that they were broke did give me a lot of experience learning where to look and find solutions.

although documentation and finding the information out that you need, is a weakness of lot of programs and UE is no exception. it’s a subject that needs a lot of attention in UE and should be dealt with now, not later. ty