Video Tutorials - Introduction to Blueprint - Explosive Barrel

Hi all!
Our team at Pub Games ( has been hard at work creating video tutorials for Unreal Engine 4.
You can check out our first set of video tutorials - an Introduction to Blueprint - live on YouTube now. This series takes you through the basics of creating a Blueprint barrel that can take damage, explode and cause damage.

You can find the tutorials here

We’ve also added a second set, which introduces the Level Blueprint and uses Timeslines to create a flickering light! You can check those out here

Over the coming weeks/months we’ll be working on a heap of UE4 stuff, so make sure you follow us on social media to get updates. We’ll also be posting the videos here on the forums as we go.

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Pub Games Website

This looks great! Well done! I see you are from Australia :slight_smile: same as me I have a small team also we have been working with Unity for the last few years and are thinking of moving back too the UT4 for games with great detail

Have no idea what happened with my previous comment on this thread… maybe it has been removed/moved?? anyway. Do you plan to make some 2d tuts for mobile games?

Apologies, I posted in the wrong section by accident, so I removed it and put it here instead.
2D mobile stuff isn’t too high on the list at the moment but we’ll see how it goes!

There is a demo scene for 2d game for mobile :slight_smile: along with that we are building 2d games for mobile, may have some tutorials later for mobile.

Thanks for the tuts!!

Great stuff, thanks for the effort!

Praise the heavens for Wraiyth :cool:
You’re the only man who created sensible tutorials on Animtrees, back in UDK, so looking forward to anything you upload :slight_smile:
My tutorials on Animtrees could never of happened without yours …

Thanks for the kind words mate! Myself and some coworkers have a bunch of tutorials in the pipeline at the moment, so keep an eye out for them.

Thank you for all your hard work Wraiyth!

The UE4 Community is already a massive Force!

And you are helping everyone to get settled in!


Any chance we could get the assets you used throughout the tutorials to follow along ourselves?



Yes!! Thank you Wraiyth!

I’ve added a new set of tutorials to the main post :slight_smile:

Super! Thank you!!