[Video Tutorial] some new tutorials


Hi guys,

now you can also find Unreal Engine 4 tutorials beside my UDK videos. All of my tutorials are available in **german **and **english **and I will regularly post new ones.

So when you are interested in them, just take a look:

At the moment you can find 24 Video Tutorials about nearly everything on my channel (32 english & 32 german).


-Landscape Tool
-Ice Material
-and much more :wink:

Philipp - fighter5347

Hey fighter always found your UDK tutorials very helpful. Your english is fine and I can understand you well.
Looking forward to more Unreal 4 tutorials and thanks!

This is awesome Fighter!

Great work!



Very useful, thanks for taking the time to make these.

Very nice, Thanks for these, Gonna watch em tonight! Any tutorial for UE4, is a good Tutorial! Need all we can get to learn this awesome tool. Bookmark’d!

FYI: Some of your Videos in English are not under the Playlist for Tutorials.

These are great and very helpful!
Please continue making them (in english) :slight_smile:

Thank you Rama, your coding tutorials are also amazing :smiley:


I have added some more video tutorials -> just take a look at the playlist or the list in the thread:)

They are ordered by adding date? By the way, thank you again.

You know, I follow your work dude! =P

Awesome job fighter! Your English is perfectly fine, no problems understanding at all.


Now you can find 24 different Tutorials about nearly everything on my channel! (24 germand and 24 english) :slight_smile:


I have uploaded some new tutorials -> now there are 32 videos tutorials on my channel (32 german and 32english)

-Blinking Bugs
-Blinking Light
-Random Colour
-Candle Fire Particle