[VIDEO] Tutorial series about creating a Photon client with Unreal Engine 4

Hi there,

I’ve just finished the first part of my video tutorial series about creating a Photon client with UE4.



Thanks so much for doing these videos , your a star :smiley:
I hit subscribe :wink:


You’re a liar. This series doesn’t exist anymore, for some reason. Your channel doesn’t exist. Your tutorial series doesn’t exist anymore. Can you PLEASE repost it online somewhere? because i’m trying to set up photon with UE4 for mobile, but i can’t find it ANYWHERE online.

Why are you being so rude? Look at the OP’s post date. His/Her channel might have been closed for what ever reason (e.g. by Youtube). If you checkout his profile, he hasn’t been on the forum for more than a year now.

I’m sorry but I had to close my YouTube-Channel for personal reasons. But I’m on my way to repost the essential things in the near future. I apologize for all trouble or difficulties this circumstance caused to you.