[Video Tutorial]- Fix Paper2d blinking between animations in the SourceCode

A fix inside the source code to make stop blinking the 2d animations while changing it via SetFlipbook.

This fix will work only for Mac or Linux version(I can see that you using one of them), but PaperAnimatedRenderComponent.generated compiled with different way.There is no text like in your PaperAnimatedRenderComponent.generated.ccp

Please take a look at the comment I left on Answerhub for you.


it should be the same as Mac. at the end of the day, the engine use the same source code in both systems. Here a screenshot from my other windows computer. and it works fine.

  • first make sure you have the source code
  • second, make sure you are looking inside the correct directory
  • third, you can search for the file inside the Visual studio, it is fast solution too.