video tutorial - endless runner with blueprints - issue

Hi, i’ve been following this tutorial to the letter until i got to 6mins 15. when adding the CombineRotators, the B node has X, Y and Z, yet the tutorial shows R, P, Y ( i assume is rotation , pitch and yaw. so i set the Y to -90 and the y in the copy to 90.
However when you get to 11mins 50 to test the ability to hit a box trigger hidden in game, the turorial of course works as it should, but my character runs straight through it. is there something wrong somewhere, as i’ve followed the tutorial to the letter, but the confusion over the CombineRotator has thrown me. Please advise.

Make sure you are truly dragging off of the correct node to get the ComibineRotators?

its definitely the right node, here is a copy of my code, in comparison with the tutorial code.

mine - Screenshot - 296c118de9da5f793de6cf5ef25a1d64 - Gyazo

tutorial - Screenshot - a62a1450d5f315f15204ebd2dad0285b - Gyazo