[VIDEO] Titanic, The Tragic Night

Hi people!

A dream called Titanic, a project powered with Unreal Engine 4.
This is a work done fast, yeah, is a work in “real time” lol, is my first work done in a weekend. I know, is hard work but can be done.

I hope you like it :slight_smile:



Really nice! Is the whole interior modeled? If it is it would be awesome for a historical VR experience. :slight_smile:

Make this a movie!! :smiley:

Can you reupload the video with an alternate Music-Track? It’s blocked in germany. I guess you used the original titanic theme? You might consider using an alternative version or a completely differen’t song to avoid this.
(IIRC germany is by far the one that has the most blocked videos, by copyright. But other countries face this problem too)

Nicely done

That inside area with the stairs looks awesome!

Looks really good. Did you port this over from UDK? I remember seeing this on the UDK forums WIP thread like 6 months ago.