Video Textures

The lack of video textures in UE4 is incredibly disappointing. So much so that I’m stuck using UE3 still because I need them so much. Suggestions have been made with looping blueprint flipbook textures but the resolution isn’t good enough to bother with such a tedious workaround. We need something like .bik back at the very minimum or native support of common video files like Unity.

Yes, this is a make or break feature for us. We’re doing interactive installation work and would love to leverage UE4 in cool new ways, but video is critical.

The incredibly annoying aspect of this is that inside your project settings it says “Load Movie” and UE4 says you need to import the mp4 into the project, and when you select it in explorer to import, UE4 says it doesn’t recognise mp4’s or m4v’s! :mad:
What with no vehicle support and no AI documentation as of yet, I’m stuck in an endless cycle… I just hope this is all fixed before my subscription runs out in December 2015 :smiley:

Vehicle support is already in the engine and all the code classes are there to do what you want. It uses the default PhysX vehicle setup that is well documented on the PhysX website.

Video textures are not supported, but you could always license and implement RAD video if you wanted to (what was available in UDK), or find and integrate an alternative solution.