Video textures are useless?

UPDATE SOLVED I have packed my game and was managed to get the video texture work. It seems your video file has to be put manual in the by your created ‘‘Movies’’ folder under; C:\Users\Alle Jong\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject3\Content\Movies . Ity seemed i created the ‘‘Movies’’ folder how it should, but it was affected by earlier attempts so the v=media file was still connected to another source of the video. Make sure to prepare every step.

For making the video texture play during ingame see this tutorial by Ben Ormstad;

See here my setup;

triggerboxplay video.PNG

there are many problems people have with Video textures, see these topics where this is discussed as well:

I have tried playing the video texture on launcher but it won’t play. Only in the editor it plays fine. I already have the video file in the Movies directory… Does someone knows what is going wrong? Thanks for the help…

Also found this 2 threads about the problems: