Video Texture

Hi, I have been looking everywhere and I cant find information on how to use a video as a texture in a material. Any pointers? Thanks!

Take a look at this thread: Any news regarding the movie-textures? - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks for the info fighter5347!

Im surprised that such a mature engine doesnt handle video texture out of the box. I wait in hope.

Yes, this is a bummer. We really want to make the jump to UE4, but this is a feature we need immediately…

I just posted on the flip book thread too. Ue4 is capable of so much, but can’t use a video in a texture channel? This boggles my mind. Epic guys, please take note.

If you want to work with flipbooks for the time being, check out:

I’ve had the same requirement and solved it that way (although it’s painful for longer sequences)