Video texture autplay problem


I really hope to get this done. I have a problem with video texture.

I think i did everything allright but the video doesnt play auto when you click play in the engine.

Can you check my attachements?

Thanks it cost my about 15 hours to try this but it still didnt worked. It is really frustratin

What could be the problem?


does it work at all when you PIE?

The video wont auto play when you start the game.

You need to create a Media Player asset and set it to be that media file. Then you pull a pin off that and say play. You wouldn’t want the video files to all automatically start playing in the game because it crashes pretty quickly. I had a bug in my code that left the videos playing afterwards because of timing issues and after about 30 videos all playing at once it will kill itself and require a shut down of the engine.