[video][Solved]After mechanical animation using Timeline and lerp, jumps to random location in the next tick

Hi guys!
I’ve been working on the AR template, then to isolate the problem a moved all the dependent classes, maps and assets that could be causing the problem to a empty project.
Created childs from the Placeable class of the template.
Those two boxes that you are able to see on that video, those use a costum channel and preset collision, that i called them “GameLogic” and “GameLogic_Preset” respectively.
When they collide, i turn off completely the actors collision.
Then i call a timeline that only has i float line that has 1 sec. and the value goes from 0 to 1, in the update from it i change the location by using lerp from the actual mesh world location/rotation and the desired location/rotation.
After the animation is done, in the next tick call it ajusts to a new random location, that i didn´t call for.
Any reason why this is happening?
Many thanks for anyone that can/try help me.

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What about collision with the ground? Generally when you use such timelines and lerps, collision is ignored (unless you tick respective boxes), and once the timeline is over, collision re-enables, and your rocket (or whatever that is) gets into conflict with the ground in terms of their location. What if you change the lerp in such a way that the rocket would not overlap the ground?

Solution: The Epic timeline runs for more time that it really needs to. As you can see in the image above.