Video Skybox linked to keyboard control

Hi all, I’m new to Blueprint, having come from more of a development / WebGL background.

I’ve prototyped something in WebGL that I want to move into Blueprint, and I’m wondering if someone could help me figure out how to do it.

Take a look at this video here:

I’ve got a video skybox, and the playback is controlled with the up and down arrow keys.

How do I set up my skybox, camera, and keyboard inputs in Blueprints? I’ve gone through the basic Blueprint tutorials but don’t quite know how to do this yet.

I’m also wanting to create graphic things (cubes are fine for now but eventually trees, foliage, buildings) that move through the space as if they are moving with the video. How can I create this illusion?

Please let me know if that makes any sense. All suggestions are welcome, thanks!

Alright, I’ve managed to get a video skybox texture onto my skysphere, which begins playing when the level begins (via EventBeginPlay). Now I need to disable player movement when the keyboard is pressed, and instead enable video playback while the keyboard is pressed to play and reverse the video. So that means:

  1. Unlink keypress to player movement
  2. Link Keypress to video playback instead

My event graph looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.33.32 PM.png

Any ideas out there?

Just create your own player controller.

Setup your up key with a boolean and a tick event to check if its held. Cast to your media asset and set it to play while it’s held. When you let go tell it to pause.

Thanks Zoltan! I managed to get something working based on your suggestions, here’s what I’ve now got in my level blueprint:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.13.22 PM.png

Two things happening here (or not happening, rather):

  • I want to set the playback speed to be double, but can’t figure out how to do that.
  • In my blueprint, I’m trying to reverse playback by pressing the ‘S’ key. When I do it in game, the video appears to jump back a frame or so, and I see the wires activating in my blueprint when I hold the key down, but it doesn’t appear to be playing in reverse. What’s going on?

Drag a pin off the media asset and “set play rate”. For reverse just set it to -1 and it will play backwards.

To do the video at double speed you can just set it to 2/-2 but this is pretty processor intensive so I would actually export the video file at double speed if you intend to only have it play at that speed.

Thank You again, Zoltan! I managed to experiment a bit with setting the play forward speed to twice and normal speeds, so it looks like my “Set Rate” is working.

However Reverse playback still doesn’t play. It appears to lock up my playback for a certain amount of time where I hold the backward key and nothing happens. if i hold forward again for the same amount of time it “catches up” and resumes like normal.

Have I set it up correctly? I’m not sure what the connections should look like (this is my first few days with UE4!):