Video Series: UMG Drag-click Moveable Window That Can Hold Any Content You Want!

Dear Community

In this video tutorial series I walk you through my entire development process for making a UMG move-able window that works with drag-click, and can contain any content you want!

I made an entirely customizeable window system that you can port into your own project by downloading the project I am sharing with you in this video series!

Check out video 3 and skip to the end to see the final result!

Rama’s UMG Moveable Window

  1. Can be drag-clicked and repositioned anywhere on the screen

  2. Can contain any content you want

  3. Can be easily initialized with window dimensions as well as content with just 1 node.



Part 1

In this video I set up the core UMG class structures for a draggable window widget that you can fill with any content you want!

Part 2

In part 2, I show you how to size your arbitrary content to fit within my UMG draggable window widget system!

Part 3

In part 3, I complete my Rama Draggable UMG Window Widget system, which can be easily initialized with any content and size, and then review all the core steps!

Video Project Download

You can download the project I created during the course of the above videos here!

Download Size is 12 MB

**Conclusion **

With the help of this video series and my project download you can easily create movable UMG windows for your project with any content in them that you want, and drag them anywhere on the screen!

Have fun today!


Amazing work and generosity :slight_smile:

You’re welcome iMuse!



Looking good. Will have to check it out later!

Nice to hear from you Vipar!



the download link has removed by wiki , if you can upload again , thx anyway