[video] Run Knight Run | 48h game made | 100% BP | GameJam


This game has been made by 3 people, a game artist, a game programmer (me) and a UE4 begginer, who did the initial menu and gave us all the songs.

100% made with blueprints, website and download link coming soon.

Player has 4 habilities:
1- Simple attack with sword
2- Teleport forward
3- Charge forward
4- Fireball

Aditional gameplay:

In the video the level change time has been altered, so I played all 3 scenarys in about a minute, but final game will take much more time to change between levels.

The game is an infinite runner, so all its generated procedurally, based on some patterns.

To loose the game you have to be very scared (full fear bar) and keep it full for some secs, then, the child wakes up (final scene)

If you walk trought the fire, your character starts taking fear for x seconds, not accumulative.

If you walk near a mushroom, it will liverate spores, that will add you a great ammount of fear instantly.

Habilities has cooldown, you can fire 8 fireballs every 10 seconds, so if you fire the 8 fireballs in 3 seconds you will have to wait 7 seconds to be able to fire more fireballs.

Its the same with sword attack (but with less cooldown) and with the other habilities.

Would be good to add another gameplays, like traps, more abilities, etc, but the game probably will end up like its now but with some bugs fixed.

I hope you like it and you give me some feedback.


This is really neat, great job on it so far. Once its got a little more polish I can see it being played by the masses. Keep it up guys!!

Thanks xCasino, I would like to release it for android and ios but I still cant get working any game for android hehe

I can definitely see this type of game being played on those platforms. I look forward to seeing more! :slight_smile:

Yeah I mean it looks great, but why not mobile? I seriously would love to test this out on my Nexus 5.

Thanks guys, Ill be making the website as soon as I have time (I hope around 1 or 2 weeks) with a donwload link, and fix some bugs and the final scene hehe.

Awesome work Nesjett. Fantastic work in only 48 hours. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Sean Gribbin, we were the only team using UE4 but all other teams got very impressed by his power and probably more of them will make the change to UE4 for the next Game Jam (in some weeks)

Moreover, I still dont know if we won the prizes, Ill know it in some weeks too hehe, Ill update the threat if so.

Great work, i am myself a UE beginner and i started making some endless runner game, good to certain elements combined to make it an overall interesting polished gameplay :slight_smile:

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